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We are a offshore IT company with rich custom programming experience, specialized in realizing custom software solutions for healthcare. We have acquired vast experience collaborating with various medical organizations. We solve tasks of different levels - from complex large-scale health care solutions to personal mobile applications for medical personnel, mid-size and small health-care providers and governmental establishments, - and final software solutions, realized by our specialists, successfully perform the following functions:

  • medical data processing and virtualization
  • health record
  • disease management tracking
  • decision support
  • error prevention
  • preventive measures management
  • medicines prescribing, managing, administering
  • healthcare data storage
  • communication support
  • diagnosing support
  • etc.

Working in this sphere for many years, our IT specialists have acquired invaluable experience in IT solutions for different areas oа application.

We provide custom software development services for the medical institutions and organizations of health domain. Health care IT services outsourcing is also popular among IT companies, specializing in software development for medical area of application.

Our Main Medical Software Development Services

Our company specializes in the design and development of medical systems. We offer a wide range of custom software solutions for the health care industry, including medical device software. Our solutions are effectively used by various medical institutions. All the software we develop meets all required quality standards. To learn more about our expertise, please, request for our portfolio.

  • Custom healthcare software development
  • Open source software customization
  • IT consulting
  • Embedded software development
  • QA services
  • etc.

Familiarize yourselves with the full range of our Healthcare Solutions and Services.

IT in Healthcare Industry

IT is actively and efficiently used in the health services domain. Specialized IT solutions have been introduced into health care institutions and processes with the greater constancy and the most satisfactory results.

Health care software allow enormous, comprehensive improvement of the services. Medical software solutions are widely used to improve quality, safety and efficiency of delivering health services and upgrade the functioning of the institutions.

Medical software apps and computerized systems provide advanced health care data management and its secure exchange between the institution (as a provider), the consumer and other instances.